Monday, February 4, 2008

Cheaters Proof?

I fully planned on blogging today about how the Patriots completed the Playstation season by going undeafeted and setting records on the way.

Now I bet they wish they could hit the reset button.

Going into the Superbowl I really thought the atmosphere was the same as the Rams/Pats game. One team was destined to win, the other had to play a perfect game to get the job done. Well, congrats to the Giants whose defense was amazing and offense got enough done. They won a Superbowl that will be remembered for all times.

So where does this leave the Pats? To be honest, before this weekend I really admired the Patriots. It's about the system, not the player. They take scrub players and make them better. They take superstars and make them one of the guys. They win without a lot of talk and flash. To me, they represented what was right in sports. They were a true team.

Until Spygate 2 broke this weekend. Now, it might all change.

I speak of the allegations of the Patriots video taping the Rams final walkthrough before the Superbowl in '02. I think it's fair to ask if they used illegal videos from the regular season game too. Either way, there is a question as to whether the Patriots had a illegal advantage before entering that Superbowl.

This should be a massive investigation. I'm talking Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens huge. Why? Because that game changed the shape of the NFL. The Rams and spiraled, and save one season haven't had a winning record in any one season since. The Patriots have become the crown jewel of the NFL, winning two more Superbowls. They set records on the way. If the result had been different......lets just say the league would be different.

Listen, I hope they are innocent. Just like I hope that Roger is innocent. (Barry admitted he took "the clear" but didn't know what it was. He may not be guilty in court, but he isn't innocent in my book either). But I want a thourough investigation of the Patriots, just like Roger is getting a full shake-down. This is too big to let go unturned.

I predict the Patriots will have evidence against them, but it will be left up to interpretation as to how much damage it caused. I also predict Roger will come up clean. But I tell you this, I am very skeptical and very troubled about all this until all the dust has settled in both cases.

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Klick4MU said...

Yeah should the Patriots have won the investigation might continue, however, I think them losing may drench the fire....That is of course unless Arlen Spector gets into it again.
Who knows?