Friday, March 20, 2009

Bracketology? Where was this degree when I was in college?

What a season for my Mizzou Tigers. First, the football team followed up a great season with another 10-win season, something I really never thought I would see. Then our basketball team has exceeded all expectations (except my Dad, who predicted success)to earn a number 3 seed in the tourney. I will say it right now, I don't care how the Tigers finish. This has been one of my favorite seasons to watch Mizzou basketball, and I will remember this team for years.

As for the tourney, I picked Mizzou to reach the Elite 8, although if Lyons and Carroll find their shooting touch we could go all the way. Seriously. As for my final 4, I got North Carolina, Duke, Louisville and UConn, with LOUISVILLE beating UNC for the championship.

But I have a new question. Since Mizzou has had great success with both football and basketball, which do you think is harder: Making the Elite 8 (8 teams out of 347) or a BCS Bowl (10 out of 119). My answer is it is harder to make a BCS bowl because you have to be top 16 in the rankings and then have to woo the selection boards. In basketball all you have to do is make the field of 65 and win a few games. Let me put it this way, Mizzou has made the elite 8 a few times at least twice, but probably hasn't been BCS worthy since the 60's. Thoughts?

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Klick4MU said...

I'm with you on the BCS bowl, it's all subjective. You have to deal with the east coast bias, the apparent USC and Notre Dame lovefests, and the friggin BCS computer crap. As for the elite 8, it's real easy, put up or shut up.