Monday, April 13, 2009

Nintendo 64: Top 10 Games

If the SNES defined my dorm days of college, the N64 defined those college days (and beyond) after the dorms. This system had amazing solo-games and equally awesome multi-player games. Also, the N64 features the best games for many franchises (Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart) although the Wii might change all that. Still, the N64 was a great system that surpassed both predecessors and those that followed.

1: Mario 64

I vividly remember the first time I played this game. It changed gaming for me. The 3D worlds you explored were so vast, varying and just fun to hop around. Oh, and the play control of Mario is possibly the best of any game I've ever played. I really felt I was in control of Mario and could make him jump in ways even I didn't think possible. Add on the crazy puzzles of each world and you have a winner. I beat this game, and collected tons of star, although that fire world still intimidates me.

2. Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Considered by most the best game on the N64, maybe ever. I consider it of the highest quality, I just enjoyed Mario 64 more. This game made adventuring easy and battling fun. It took it up a notch so to speak. It is hard to find any faults in this game. I guess my problem is I never got past the Shadow Temple. Not because it was game got erased while I was in the Temple. Twice. I have never gotten the nerve to go back either. My loss.

3. Perfect Dark

This is the best multi-player game ever, period. (and I will punch you in the teeth if you start talking about GoldenEye) First, this game was a top notch First Person Shooter, much like 007. But the Co-op function was amazing, and it really helped having your buddies play with you (even if you shot your friend and the President with the sniper in the dark.....) Next, the multi-player had the absolute most options ever seen, and it hasn't been outdone since. You want to play every man for themself? Check. How about 2 players versus 20 Sims just to see who can mow the most sims down? Check. Then there were the challenges!!! I get excited thinking about how awesome it was to develop a strategy, assign roles and complete each challenge to various difficulties! Why oh why hasn't there been another game even close to these options???

4. Mario Kart 64
Dominant play control and great multi-player options made this a winner. You just never got tired of playing this game with friends. It also marked the advent of most of the items in the game you have seen in the Cube, DS and Wii versions. Classic.

5. GoldenEye: 007
Probably the most famous FPS this side of Halo. It was revolutionary for a home console to play 4 of your friends in such epic combats. The only place you would ever hear the phrase: "Stop shooting me, I don't have a weapon!" "Well, then don't slap me in the neck!"

6. Mario Golf
The best golf game if you just want to have fun. I have a special place for this game in my heart because I became dominant at this game. I was a superb putter and rarely ever missed inside of 30 feet. I lost maybe a handful of matches, so of course I love this game!

7. Zelda: Majora's Mask
This game gets tons of points for just being different. The premise of the game was that the moon was going to crash into the Earth and Link had 3 days to save it. If by the 3rd day you couldn't get it done, you just put on your mask and start again at day one. Each time you would learn a little more and figure out what to do next. A little bit like the movie Groundhog's Day, really.

8. Star Fox 64
A great space shooter, this took the game play of Star Fox and the graphics of the 64 and made such a great game. Add on the multi-player dog fight and this game had a lot to offer.

9. Mario Tennis
Strangely, my favorite tennis game of all-time. Great gameplay allowed most anyone to pick up and play. I believe I am undefeated in singles play still to this day.

10. Pokemon Snap
Again, props for creativity. In this game you were placed on a track and given the challenge of taking the best pictures of the passing Pokemon while you threw crap at them to make them do crazy stuff. It had great charm, and getting that perfect picture was so rewarding. Plus....come on, Pokemon are just fun, especially when they say their names. Bulbusaur. Psy....Psy.....geodude.

Lacking entries: Sports
If the N64 had a fault, it was the lack of quality for the sports games. I don't know if it was the new joystick or what but developers just couldn't make a sports game worth playing, leading most gamers to the PS1 for sports games. (and RPG's)

Again, please comment about the games I missed or just don't like as much as you! (Notable games I just didn't play include Smash Bros and Conker: Bad Fur Day.)


Amy said...

I am utter rubbish at video games, always have been. But even I remember the awesomeness that was GoldenEye: 007!

Klick4MU said...

I'll go with most of your games but I would take of Pokemon Snap and slide in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Yeah I know in order to get it to play right you had to get the "expansion pack" but it had an awesome storyline within the Star Wars universe. The only real problem it had was that it was single player and that's just not as much fun.

Maureen said...




Ricky said...

wow, way to represent. I never played the Rogue Squadron game, but I did play the Shadow of the Empire game(just remembered). It was good too, maybe that should replace Mario Tennis or something. I had the Red Expansion pack for Perfect Dark.

Klick4MU said...

Bring the pain Maureen! I'm sorry, it wasn't as good of a game it was kitschy and quirky but not all that fun, seriously, Pokemon or Star Wars? That's an easy pick. As for Mario Tennis, the 4 player extravaganva keeps it on the list, the multi-player action is and, I believe, will always be the calling card for the Nintendo systems. If you want "gamer" games you'll either be at your CPU or on a Playstation/X-box.

Maureen said...

Whatever my bitches. I will own you. You probably sucked, Robert! TOO WEAK TO CATCH 'EM ALL!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot Smash Brothers. I beat you in tennis until you figured out that gost guy. I beat your best score in golf. I think we have unsettled issues with golf. Mario Kart rules.
1 Perfect Dark. I still cant beat Joe.
2. Kart.
3 Golf.
4 Tennis.
That is all I have.

Ricky said...

Anonymous Dan - You beat me once in golf over 3 years and then played Golf exclusively for weeks to beat my score. I still claim dominance. Equally, you dominated me in Mario Kart. No doubt, you made me cry on the inside some days. I don't recall you beating me single player in tennis, I remember losing in doubles. I stopped using Boo because people thought it was my secret success. It wasn't, I am awesome. In turn....I was the weak link between you me and Joe. Weird for me.

Anonymous said...

How did we not defeat Perfect Dark? That is one of my few regets in life. I will be you in golf. I know my place in tennis.