Thursday, May 7, 2009

In the end, it's all about how much I love Scrubs.

I love Scrubs, and have for a while. But I am now going to venture out and say it is my all-time favorite show, over the Simpsons and Friends. It probably has been for a couple seasons, all the signs are there. I made the whole cast as Mii's on my Wii. I totally plan on naming my first dog Turk Turkleton. It all fits.

The "series" finale was last night and it was by far the best finale I've ever seen. I mean, JD's daydreaming lead to some great moments over the years, but nobody could have prepared me for the last 5 minutes. Seeing all the old faces was amazing and is a scene for the ages. In their final moments Scrubs did what it always did: it made you laugh at the ordinary all while showing the depth of reality. I am a sentimental guy, so it is no wonder that this episode (and series) always got me hooked. It was the perfect finale. Period.

I will miss the awkward bro-hugs, the super-slick floors, the fricks, the a capella band, the dancing, the high fives, the girls names, the free muffins, the interns, the sweater lawyer, the nurses manipulating to get their way and the comment coming out of a daydream. It was a great ride.

Not to say that Scrubs is totally over. There is a substantial rumor that Scrubs will return without JD and have as much of the current cast participate as possible. The idea of focusing on the new interns is the likely direction with Denise and Sunny being two engaging personalities. While my head tells me this was the perfect ending my heart tells me I will watch whatever show Bill Lawrence develops.

Let me ask you this: Could any Scrubs fan pass on a show with The Janitor, The Tod, Ted and Dr. Cox walking the halls? I will be there when the day comes ready to put the penny in the door all over again.


Maureen said...

I would follow the Janitor into the dark

Ricky said...

there's a webisode about following the Janitor into his office, which is through the locker room I think. I would not follow the janitor into the dark, he must have hid all those stuffed animals from Lady somewhere.