Thursday, February 4, 2010

YouTube artist: Pomplamoose

One day when I pulled up YouTube I saw a suggested video by an artist named Pomplamoose. On this particular day that was enough for me to be interested and check it out. I mean, with a name like that you'd have to be good, right? Totally right. The lady (Nataly) has a relaxed, clear voice. (She also plays bass) All the other instruments (and a few vocals) are recorded by Jack, the gentleman in the video. In fact, they call these videosongs. What that means is that everything you see is what you hear. (No overdubbing) Each instrument or harmony is included in the video at some point, so you get the full picture of what it took to record this song. And given the massive creativity and energy they brought to this song I'm very glad they did. I hope you enjoy it.

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