Thursday, May 20, 2010

What are you on?

Today Floyd Landis came out and admitted he used performance enhancing drugs in his cycling career, including when he won the Tour De France in 2006. He has also implicated many other cyclists to using PED's, including Lance Armstrong.

Two things. First, when Jose Canseco wrote his book Juiced we all thought he was after attention. Turns out he was right, and in fact one of the most creditable sources on steroids in baseball. So Landis's claims deserve to be investigated. He certainly has the level of detail that makes you wonder if in fact Armstrong has been deceiving us. In the past several years when the public receives this level of detail, the information is more often than not true.

However, if it comes down to who to believe, I tend to believe Armstrong. He has been tested more than any athlete. He has never tested positive. He has always denied usage. Oh yeah, he survived death by beating cancer. Who would torment their body after getting a second chance?

Most of all, it reminded me of this Nike commercial. One of the best.

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