Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just what I wanted! Another Blog I have to read!

Ok, in a world where everyone has a blog, I just couldn't be left out anymore. So here I am creating my very own blog. I hope to make this an entertaining blog filling it with TV and music clips to help get you through your day (youtube is my friend!) Also, I will clearly be posting my thoughts on sports since my wife can only take my extrovertedness so much. (I'm pretty sure extrovertedness isn't a word). Please feel free to comment on any posting, your thoughts are just as enjoyable to read as mine.

To get things started, here is a classic clip from Whose Line is it Anyways? (When Drew laughs, it always gets funnier)

1 comment:

JuggleDoug said...

Glad to hear you started a blog. You're a funny guy, so I'm sure you will raise the bar for bloggers . . . but Ricky, I'd hate to be there when the laughter stops :'(