Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The BCS are bum-lookers.

The BCS is set and clearly this season didn't end for Mizzou fans the way we wanted it to. Last week we were headed to the National Championship, this week we are not in a BCS bowl. But everything is not as bad as I first thought they were. I like that the Rose Bowl kept their tradition and picked Illinois out of the Big 10 to play USC in the Rose Bowl. I hope Illinois upsets USC just like they did with Ohio State.

The Orange Bowl has no excuse. If they can't see through Kansas like Mizzou fans did they will get what they deserve. Virginia Tech will kill them, and Mizzou fans will have a good time watching it. I hope KU fans travel as well as they think they do, cause I wouldn't expect their team to show up.(yeah, I said it.) On the other hand, Mizzou v. Arkansas is a good matchup for Mizzou. We play a bowl on New Years day in a game that will feature two Heisman finalists. If we win we finish the season in the top 5. Not so bad in the end.

As for the BCS itself, I am in favor of a playoff. There are 3 options in my mind.
1) 4 Teams. This is my favorite. Keep the current BCS rankings and have the top 4 teams play 2 games to decide the championship. In any given season there are only 3 teams that would have a claim to be in the championship game, and this format gives them a chance. This year would be Ohio State v. Oklahoma, LSU v. Virginia Tech. Pretty good games if you ask me. Also, it would make teams play hard each week, because any loss would most likely push you out of the top 4.

2)8 teams. I don't like this one so much. 8 teams could mean alot of things. 2 or 3 teams in a conference qualifying(SEC and Big 12). Teams who have easy schedule making it (KU). Would teams like Hawaii make it? Would there be a selection commitee? Could a team take it easy in the final weeks because they have "qualified?" Too many questions for me.

3) 11 teams. 11 teams? Yes, one for each conference champion, both major and mid-major. This is the most fair option: it gives absolutely every FBS school a chance at the national championship (much like basketball) Also, each game is still meaningful because most of the time one loss will lose you a conference. The problem is it makes the non-conference schedule less important. But maybe that's good. Maybe teams will play other teams for experience and not just an easy win.

The NCAA will probably go with a "plus 1" format which means they will pick the 2 teams after all the "normal" BCS bowls. It's better than what we have, but until football lets the student-athletes win on the field (like every other sport) there will still be flaws.

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