Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dark, Dank and Dreary.

Yesterday the weather was gray. I woke up today, AND IT WAS GRAYER! (props to Lewis Black). It feels like the sun went on Christmas break early. And with the Mitchell Report ready to rock the baseball world, it looks like things are just going to get darker.

So I will provide a pick-me-up. This is a live performance from The Polyphonic Spree from a show in Japan. You may have seen them in a Scrubs episode. I always refer to them in my head as "The Hippy Orchestra." I have heard them be called "prozac for my soul." Good stuff. And yes, the lead singer is very weird.

ps I will be very impressed(and slighty embarrassed) if anyone can figure out where I got my post-title from.


Joel said...

Ricky, this is too weird.

JuggleDoug said...

If I did know where you got the title, I wouldn't admit it. . . maybe in 5 years, then I can blame it on my new kid.