Monday, January 7, 2008

The Feel of Cotton.

It's a little late, but I wanted to give my response to the butt-whooping we dropped on Arkansas. The SEC has played well this bowl season, but we dominated the Razorbacks. Tony Temple set a rushing record, not Run DMC. This win didn't help Chase Daniel's career, but helped cement Mizzou as a team to reckon with next season. But what I REALLY want to talk about.......

THE ANNOUNCERS! When the coverage started and I saw Pat Summerall and Brian Baldinger I said "This is going to be terrible." These two are bad at NFL games, let alone college. Pat can't see and Baldy can't think. Here are the worst/funniest moments I can remember.

Summerall: "I beg your pardon." He couldn't get the names right. Couldn't see the numbers, and when he did he was calling defensive players when we were on offense. It's like he just showed up that day to prepare. Also, he is an Arkansas alumn and called it like it was an Arkasas home game. "No big plays today....except if you are a Mizzou fan...."

Baldy: (while talking about the new Cowboy stadium) "Those Arches are bigger than the one in St. Louis that crosses the Missippi River." No way that just happened. Fire him. Immediately. Besides the fact that the stadium "arches" were NOT as big as the STL Arch, if the real Arch DID cross the Missippi it sure as hell would be bigger than the stadium arches!!!!!!

Combined effort: "Tony Temple has 180 rushing yards which is good for second all time in Cotton bowl history." This had me scratching my head. I said to my dad that with all the Running Backs in Cotton bowl history there had to be a 250 yard rusher. My dad said "I bet number 1 does have 250, and there was just a gap in between." Well, he was right. Later in the game they showed a graphic when Temple held the record. The top 5 had 280, 250 all the way down to number 5 with Ricky Willams rushing for 202 with Texas. Which of course means that Temple was NOT number 2 at 180. I don't like to rip on announcers(i prefer to rip on refs), but this was a joke for the biggest bowl game of my life time.

National Championship is tonight, I think LSU will beat Ohio State. To me these are now legitimately the two best teams. If there was a 4 team playoff this year, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma would have both been killed. (both lost bowl games.)

Good news is I think Mizzou will finish at #3!!!!

EDIT: Looks like Mizzou will only get to #4 in the AP. I forgot that the BCS doesn't give a final standing. Even better, Mizzou is being projected to open at #4 next season.

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