Thursday, February 26, 2009

Poll: The Killers or Snow Patrol

Your choices are a) The Killers b) Snow Patrol c) I don't care for either d) Coldplay rules! e) U2 called and wants their sound back.

I am going with Snow Patrol. Although the Killers have incredibly explosive and entertaining singles, Snow Patrol gives me a better depth of quality music. I know when I queue up a Snow Patrol album I will enjoy the entire experience. When I hear the first chords of pretty much any song it takes me someplace new. I can't explain it, except that it is an exceptional experience that few bands offer me.

But those are my thoughts. Let me know what you think of the Killers and Snow Patrol, or if you think we will even think of them 20 years from now.


Amy said...

I voted that U2 called and they want their sound back, because in the list of those four bands, I think U2 are the only truly GREAT band, and because they made those 3 other bands possible. That being said, I actually enjoy Coldplay the most these days. I think Viva la Vida is a fantastic album. The Killers and Snow Patrol are alright I spose, but nothing special. I get bored with them pretty quickly. I think there is much better music out there. Just my two cents!

Ricky said...

I haven't gotten my hands on Viva La Vida yet. Despite my preferences for Snow Patrol, I feel Cold Play will go down as the biggest band of the decade. Either them or U2, depends on how good this U2 album is.

Anonymous said...

The Killers are by far the best out of Coldplay and Snow Partol. I have seen all three bands play and by far The Killers give the best live performance. I love all 3 bands but my vote is for The Killers.